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Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia
Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia
Homme Misophone Qui Souffre De Sa Misophonie-min

Misophonia Online Test: Why, how, when, where? We tell you everything!

Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia


Do you want to be reassured whether or not you have a sound sensitivity disorder? Check the importance of the Misophonia test and take the necessary action now.

You probably want to assess yourself for fear of suffering from misophonia or simply to confirm what you already think. But first, I suggest you find out why a misophonia test could be useful for you, how you could have your misophonia tested, when you should do it and where you can make a free online test.
You will thus have all the knowledge required to make your decision correctly and perform your online misophonia test in the best possible conditions. So let's go ?

Basics of Misophonia

Before going further on the why, the how and the importance of the misophonia test, let's go back to the basics first the definition and explanation of misophonia.

Basics of Misophonia By Benfeel-min
Basics of Misophonia By Benfeel-min

What is misophonia ?

Misophonia refers to someone's sensitivity to specific sounds, which can range from minor discomfort to extreme distress.

If certain everyday sounds like for example:

  • breathing,
  • sniffles,
  • chewing,
  • the snapping of tongues,…

Have a negative effect on you. And can make you "crazy", "uncontrollable", edgy, mean, ... especially when they are emitted by others who don't even pay attention! Then you could have misophonia disorder and you are completely right to inquire for an online misophonia test. This is also where you should start when you have a doubt.

What are the effects of misophonia?

People with disorders of misophonia (we call them "misophones") are generally aware of their excessive reactions but they simply do not manage to reduce them.

Unfortunately, since trigger sounds are often common sounds that are encountered throughout a typical day, misophones can have problems at work, at home and even in social gatherings of activities that should be fun, like a concert, the cinema, going out with friends to a restaurant, ... People with misophones often suffer from their disorders and this can greatly hamper their happiness on a daily basis, mainly because of their reactions when they are in contact with the sounds that trigger their misophonia but also because of the related problems.

The misophone “snowball”

Misophonia can lead to other problems, such as:

  • Loneliness
  • The Depression
  • Agoraphobia (fear of the crowd)
  • Personality disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Phobias
  • etc,…

These problems can coexist with misophonia but misophonia can also be the cause. With the snowball effect, being misophone and wanting to avoid trigger sounds at all costs can make you depressed, lonely or even develop a fear of crowds and regrouping. This is one of the reasons why it is important to quickly take a misophonia test to be able to act according to the result and find solutions.

Why is it essential to take an online misophonia test?

No matter the result of the misophonia test, you will be relieved!

No matter the result of the Misophonia test, you will be RELIEVED By Benfeel-min
No matter the result of the Misophonia test, you will be RELIEVED By Benfeel-min

First, remember the first time you discovered the word "misophonia." Remember the weight it freed you from, the feeling of lightness, of understanding, of having perhaps found the name and the rational explanation of your problem, which until now was not taken seriously because you couldn't explain it. You could finally put a name on your reactions, your behaviors, in short, you may have put a name on your disorder. But maybe you still have doubts, or maybe you want to regularly take a misophonia test online to see your progress, to assess if your situation is improving or if your troubles are getting worse,… Maybe that you have just discovered the word “misophonia” and you are not sure yet of having it and you would like to take an online test to find out !

So here is one precisely why take an online misophonia test :

  1. Find out if you are misophone or not
  2. Find out the severity of your misophonia
  3. Discover the evolution of your disorders
  4. Reassure yourself to confirm your misophonia
  5. Reassure yourself to confirm that you are not a misophone

Misophone or not? Be sure!

If you discover misophonia and think you are concerned by it, don't worry. Just take a misophonia test online and be sure whether or not you have this Selective sound sensitivity syndrome.

However, keep in mind that your body and mind form a very complex whole and that it is advisable to take this test without apprehension, without judgment and without expectation. If you take a test of misophonia, hoping throughout the test that it turns out to be positive, then, the interest of the test is zero. Conversely, if you are doing a misophonia test online and you really want it to be negative, then go your way so that you are not disappointed with the result and do not waste a few minutes filling out this kind of test.

Keep in mind that no matter what the test answer is, it is up to you. It is not medical advice. It is not an absolute science. It’s not magic. It is not an end. It’s not a start. It’s a pragmatic assessment based on the answers you enter. This means that you are at the center of the test result and it is up to you to be honest, to deliver yourself, to transmit what you feel in the most transparent and true way possible.

If the test result tells you that you are not misophone, but you're sure you are, don't worry. You may have answered the questions incorrectly, or you may have a misophonia which reacts differently from others and therefore the test may sometimes not be adapted to your situation, in specific and rare cases. So just do some other online misophonia tests or see a therapist, doctor, speech therapist, psychologist or whatever, who could help put a name on your disorder.

If the test result tells you that you have misophonia, but until now you had doubts and were afraid of being misophone, keep calm. The test may be biased depending on your state of mind when filling in your answers. And even if it is correct and you are effectively misophone, it should not change anything in your life from a negative point of view. On the contrary, what a relief! You can finally explain your problems to your loved ones. You have a name, a definition, symptoms and you can even start looking solutions to improve your daily life and control your misophonia. Isn’t that great?

If the result is positive, don't worry! A multidisciplinary approach has proven to be effective. You also have at your disposal free training “Relax Misophonie” which brings together adaptation mechanisms that can completely change and improve your daily life by learning to control your misophonia to appropriately manage situations facing triggering sounds.

Improvement or evolution of your misophonia? Take the test!

Improvement or evolution of your misophonia Take the test By Benfeel-min
Improvement or evolution of your misophonia Take the test By Benfeel-min

An online misophonia test can also be used as a monitoring tool. Few people think about it, but it can be a real asset! Doing a test regularly can be useful especially if you are in a process of evolution and analysis. You might as well view and compare the different misophonia test results over several days, weeks and months! This will give you an indication of the benefits of working on yourself, whether alone or accompanied by a coach or the benefits of therapy (whether of alternative medicine or conventional medicine).

How to test your misophonia?

Generally, misophonia tests are fairly straightforward. However, you have several possibilities.

Concise and quick test - straight to the point!

Some tests can take a few minutes, others can be extremely long and last several hours with a health care practitioner. But the big difference between these tests is that they don't all analyze the same things. Short online misophonia tests will tend to get straight to the point! Only questions related to misophonia, a lot of situation assessment ("from 1 to 10, note the pain felt from this situation, ...").

General and long test - global analysis!

On the other hand, longer questionnaires (as you can find on the internet in PDF format of several pages or in therapists' offices) will include misophonia in a complex and complete analysis of the person. This is intended to gain additional information, discover coexisting disorders or the source of the problem, but it can take much longer and is rarely free. So what I advise you is to start with a free online misophonia test to get a first impression, and thereafter, if you consider it necessary to verify the result, consult a health practitioner for his opinion and potentially, a more complete analysis.

When to take your misophonia test online?

Does it boil your blood when you hear someone stir their coffee? Have you lost friendships or taken distance from certain family members because you can't stand their noises? So now is a good time to take a test of misophonia!

You need to know if you are misophone or if you are not. This will help you understand yourself and therefore make yourself better understood by others and especially by your loved ones.

You are not crazy, you may be suffering from misophonia and it is a real problem, a real and painful disorder. Studies and research have already stated that it is a real selective sound sensitivity syndrome that has an impact on mental, emotional and social health.

Therefore, don't be afraid to take the test, even if it could be positive. On the contrary, once done, this will reassure you and open the doors to solutions for better living with your misophonia.

Obviously, some necessary measures are to be taken,… If you think that your current situation is stressful, that you are afraid of discovering whether or not you are misophone, that you are in depression or that you have a serious illness, I advise you not to take an online test for misophonia or other disorders. Ask to be accompanied by a health professional to follow you and treat you.

However, if you are in good condition and want to take the misophonia test online today, do it!
And remember, once you get the result, whether or not you have misophonia, the best thing to do is: go ahead!

The conditions for an optimal misophonia test

Be in a quiet place

Since you need to be focused and you are going to read certain scenarios that, just by reading, could already trigger reactions in your home if you are extremely sensitive to the situation mentioned, a test of misophonia requires a very quiet space . The test can be done alone or accompanied, as long as the person accompanying you is there to support you and not to pass judgment. Otherwise, prefer to do it later, alone, to be completely free to choose your answers and not be influenced by someone else.

Make sure you're not in a noisy or stressful space. The best thing is to be in a place that reassures you, that makes you feel confident and comfortable. A place that you know and appreciate. A place where there is no distraction (person coming in, going out, talking, yelling, eating, none of that!). If you are unable to isolate yourself or find a quiet place, simply ask your family, partner or roommate for a few minutes of silence and calm. take the misophonia test online quietly.

Finally, take advantage of having a quiet environment to focus on all the questions that might be asked and immerse yourself in the situations. Try to “flash back” the scenarios that relate to the questions in order to really answer the answers accurately and correctly to get the most reliable result possible in the online misophonia test.

Take the time to take the misophonia test online

The misophonia test usually only takes you 2 minutes, but it's good to know that there is no time limit for taking the assessment.

For example, you might come across a question asking you to assess a specific situation, such as: "Your colleague is sitting across from you and he is typing his pen on the table. Rate your reaction from mild (1) to severe (10). ”

For this kind of question, if you want to remember a past example and relive the situation in your thoughts to feel as faithfully as you can feel in this kind of situation, then take your time and do whatever is necessary. Immerse yourself in the situation if necessary and then answer the misophonia test as precisely as possible. Do not forget that online tests are primarily assessments based on the answers you give. So the more precise you are in your answers, the more the test can give you a faithful answer.

Where can you do a free online misophonia test?

Legal reminder - Misophonie test online

Misophonia tests are self-tests to identify if you are misophone and deduce the level of severity of your misophonia. However, please note that there is no official test. These tests are self-assessments based on questions and answers and more or less complex calculation algorithms. They are by no means medical tools or medical diagnoses. They are not to be taken as medical advice. We always advise you to consult a health professional recognized by the state (visit: Site officiel de l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé) in the event of a health problem.

Misophonie Free Online Test By Benfeel

Benfeel offers a free online test (+/- 2 minutes) to determine if you are misophone. This test is based on questions and scenarios to also assess the severity of your misophonia. The test contains no audio that could harm you or trigger a reaction. The test contains images representing certain situations to support immersion. We know that these images may not appeal to everyone and we ask you to understand that they are useful for the immersion and clarification of your answers. To start your free online speech test, we will ask you to enter your email address. Please note, please enter a valid email address where you can receive your test response and analysis.
If you want to start a test now, go here.

After completing the misophonia test, you will automatically receive the test result and analysis. You will also have, in the event that the test turns out to be “positive” for misophonia, access to resources to learn how to control and improve your daily life with your misophonia.

If you're ready, you can click here to start the misophonia test.

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Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia

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Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia
Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia