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Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia
Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia

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Misophonia: Stories and Advice from a Misophone

Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia

Content on misophonia is scarce and that’s why Benfeel would like to share with you on this page all the stories, advice, tips and testimonials that we share with you throughout the year, especially via social media.

If you are a misophone and want to learn more, relax or find effective solutions for certain specific situations, this page is for you!

I hope you enjoy reading it and hope it will help you control your misophonia to improve your daily life.

List of Stories & Tips

guys misophonia it's not a choice but a neurological disorder-min

Know that misophonia is not a choice but a neurological disorder

😢 Being a misophone is painful, but being a misophone misunderstood by those close to you is even more painful! 😰

When you have a problem, you need support, you need to be reassured, to be motivated, to be supported,… With the sole aim of being able to solve this problem and move on to a new stage in life , a different stage, a stage where we should be better, happier, more serene, calmer,… 👍

However, the constant "minimization" coming from our loved ones and from society on a problem that is strong for us, that is painful for us, that makes our daily life sometimes so difficult, ... 👉 IT DOESN'T HELP! 👈

On the contrary,… 😰👎 👎👎 IT MAKES OUR LIFE EVEN MORE DIFFICULT 👎👎 So if you don't understand misophony, or that you don't believe that it is a painful disorder, that you think that misophones “exaggerate”, "Invent" or "complain for nothing", ... 👍 KEEP IT FOR YOU! 👍

When you look at someone who makes pen noises and he don't understand - misophonia problem-min

When you look at someone who makes pen noises and they don't understand

💬 Admit, you've already made that kind of insistent look, haven't you? 💬

👇✍️ Tell me in a comment if you do this often and in which situations? 👇✍️

It's funny because it is a fairly common human reflex "insistent look" .🤔

And this is normal because non-verbal communication existed long before verbal communication! 🧐👍

🙃 Let's not forget that humans are animals. 🙃

Even if we think we are more intelligent and modern thanks to a bunch of technological gadgets, our brain evolves very very very slowly (we are talking about millions of years)!

So our brain still has many reflexes from these millions of years of evolution, whether we like it or not! 🤔👍 ✅

Fortunately, every day science progresses on the understanding of our brain and millions of studies have already been done on the brain! ✅ 💬

Just on Pubmed, a scientific publication site, there are 1,964,784 search results on the word "Brain"! 💬

If you could chew with your mouth closed that would be great for my misophonia-min

Chewing with your mouth closed would be great for my misophonia

We all have a "little inner voice", did you know that? 🙃

In the désananés besides they are often two:

  • 👉 A little “nice” voice 🙂
  • 👉 A little "evil" voice 🤪


And to be honest, when a trigger sound catches my eye, sometimes it's the evil little voice that is the quickest 🤔!

And I see myself, like in the photo, with a baseball bat, saying to myself: "You better stop now 😤👍"

Fortunately, I don't have a baseball bat in real life 🤪 ✅

✅ And above all, ... I learned to control this instinctive negative reaction which, in the past, became automatic.

This conditioning was more and more difficult to manage! 👍

Thanks to the internet and the exchange of information that allowed me to discover simple methods to control my misophonia! ✅ ✅

Be hopeful because there are solutions and you can improve your daily life if you take action! 🤔👍

When someone in the office eats an apple and I have 99 ideas on how to stop it in a second - Misophonia Life-min

The life of a misophone in the office can be very complicated and painful, ...

Have you noticed this phenomenon? 🧐👍

When a trigger sound presents itself to you, whatever the precise situation, you are always going to ideas (sometimes even dark ideas to avoid !!) to stop the trigger sounds as quickly as possible! 🤔

✅ This phenomenon is not strange, in fact it is simply an automatism of your nervous system *. ✅

And depending on the people, it can take the form of three main responses:

  • 👉 The fight
  • 👉 The flight
  • 👉 Freezing

In English, this is the answer of 3F (Fight Flight Freez) which is very easy to remember. 🤓

This response element is extremely important because it is the basis of a chain reaction when exposed to a trigger sound. 🧐

💬 * Your orthosympathetic nervous system is responsible for controlling many of the body's automatic activities. 💬

Did you know that this 3F phenomenon is the basis of the reactions of misophonia? 👇✍️

Feeling the raging fire inside me every time I hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner - Life with misophonia-min

Please note, there is a difference between Misophonia and hyperacusis:

🧐 CAUTION 🧐 ✅ Today I'm going to talk to you about misophonia and hyperacusis. It seems like a lot of you are mixing 🙃

And I understand you, the difference is sometimes not very clear. 🤔 🤓

But to do it right, just read the definitions side by side and the differences are obvious!

✅ So let's take the definitions of each of these disorders, and you will see the differences:

👉 1) Misophonia: “… is defined as a form of reduction in tolerance to certain sounds. It provokes strong and negative reactions to misophones in situations where “trigger” sounds are presented to it. "

👉 2) Hyperacusis: "... hearing disorder which is characterized by a higher intolerance to noise, as if it were much louder than in reality. »Misophony does NOT depend on the volume but on the type of sound / noise. 🤔

Conversely, hyperacusis depends only on the volume, regardless of the source. 🧐

One of my pet peeves is loud chewing - Misophonia is a real and painful disorder-min

One of my pet peeves (worst trigger sounds) is the noise of chewing

🙃 We all have "cute sins", things we love, ...

For example :

  • 👉 Chocolate
  • 👉 French fries
  • 👉 Beer / Wine

(yes I'm talking to you about very Belgian things, my origins sometimes come out in writing haha 🤪)

And as with cute sins, we all also have things we don't like, things we can't stand seeing things that are painful for us and that we absolutely avoid. 🤔👍

The message I want to get across to you today is: ✅

You are not strange.

✅ You are not crazy.

✅ You’re not the only ones who have pet peeves.

Everyone has their own pet peeves and there's nothing wrong with that.

Just learn to control yourself and take over your pet peeves and your daily life will be more enjoyable! 👇

✍️ Tell me what you think in the comments, I will be delighted to learn more about your story! 👇✍️

Who says it's relaxing to be in quarantine it's terrible with misophonia-min

Who says it's relaxing to be quarantine with misophonia?

👍💬 Many of you have contacted me in a private message since my previous post on quarantine, thank you all and I hope I could have helped you by replying to each of your messages! ✅

Know that I remain at your disposal if you wish to discuss or if you need support! ✍️👍 👉

I'm going to share a few new things for the Benfeel adventure soon!

✅✅ A Facebook support group! ✅✅

So obviously, there are already Facebook groups on misophonia, but in the Benfeel group, it will be better I promise you 😁

I tell you no more, I will inform you as soon as it is open!

🙃 Of course two groups will be available, one group for English speaking misophones and one group for French speaking misophones.

For those who feel comfortable with both languages, you will of course be welcome in both groups! 🤪

See you soon ! 😁👍

Who can explain to my family that I am not exaggerating about my misophonia-min

Who can explain to my family that I am not exaggerating about my misophonia?


🤝😕 Please take note and do not respond to this kind of message:

  • 💬 "It’s not that bad" 😤
  • 💬 "Don't exaggerate" 😤
  • 💬 "It's just noise" 😤
  • 💬 "Don't make a big deal out of it" 😤

For burnout, depression, anorexia, bulimia, OCD, bipolarity, ...

You don’t say "oh, nothing bother you (and most of all, don't bother us), don't exaggerate and it will pass." 👎👎

No, you don't say that. 🧐 🤔

Because the other disorders are better known and therefore you are aware of their dangers and the pains they cause.

But why should we minimize our misophonia disorder just because you don't know it ?! 🤔👎

👉 As with other disorders, we have direct pain (emotional and physical) as well as related problems such as loneliness, difficulties in social integration, ...

✅ So try to understand us instead!


being isolated with noisy eaters is the most horrible combination for a misophone-min

being isolated with noisy eaters it's horrible for a misophone

Tell me in the comments, how are you? 👇✍️

😕 At the time of writing, we are still in quarantine and according to the discussions I have with many misophones, for many of you it is a doubly difficult period! 😕

So first, I wanted to share with you a wave of courage and motivation! Take advantage of this "free time" to read, find solutions and learn to control your misophonia to improve your life! ✅

👉 If you haven't done so already, I invite you to download my free training course "Relax Misophonie" via the link in my bio (! 👍

For those who are isolated alone at home, do not forget that there are many facebook support groups "anti-loneliness" in which you can exchange and virtually meet other people who are isolated alone and who want to chat with people on video conference so as not to feel too lonely! 🤝💬

When my colleague makes food noises I feel punching them -min

When my coworkers make food noises I feel hit

💬 Open letter for all colleagues who eat loudly every day at the office:

Dear Colleague,

  • ✅ Although I appreciate your team’s presence,
  • ✅ Although your skills are incredible,
  • ✅ Although you are essential for all of us,
  • ✅ Although our friendship is growing stronger, 👉

Know that,… 😰


I hope you understand my disorder because so far you seem not to take it seriously, ... However, I'm talking about intense pain, not just appreciation, ...

Please do whatever is necessary during our next meal break.

PS: This also applies to when you mix your coffee for 5 minutes in pheasant on the xylophone by hitting your cup with your spoon. 😤👎

PPS: As a reminder, misophonia (Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome) is a real anomaly that triggers emotional and physiological responses. 🤓👍

The sound of chewing hurts me, it's too painful with misophonia-min

The chewing noise hurts me, it's too painful with misophonia

My main trigger is chewing noise! 🤔👎
👉 What is yours? 💬🧐 Tell me in comment 👇✍️!

In 2015 when I started studying at the University of Mons in Belgium, I faced an immense change.😕

Indeed, I went from a group of 20 people in pharmaceutical science studying in quiet and silent laboratory rooms (🤓🤝) to:

👉 a group of more than 700 people in the Faculty of Medicine whose classes are held in giant amphitheaters with an unstable background noise 😕👎

😤 In short, a mountain of elements that never ceased to trigger my misophonia. 😤

Even when the subject was extremely interesting, even when I really wanted to attend the presentations, my misophonia made me understand that if I stayed 5 more minutes, I would fall apart and collapse. 😰 ✅

Fortunately, it's a thing of the past!
Now I control my misophonia! ✅

Are you a parent of a child with misophonia -min

The sound of chewing hurts me, it's too painful with misophonia

😁👍 As a reminder, my guide "Relax Misophonia" is available for free via the link in my bio ( ✅

This is a good introduction to the solutions available to control your misophonia and improve your daily life! ✅

👉 Let's move on to the subject of the day:
Parents of misophone children, a delicate subject! 🤔 👇

✍️ Are you one? Tell me in the comments! 👇✍️

You know how difficult it is to manage education with your child's disorder, ... 😕

Because when you invite your child to eat, you want him to be at the table with you, along with the other family members. 👍

But at the same time, you know deep inside that it is torture for him. 👎

The problem is usually when the child will understand that he can use the excuse of "misophonia" to exempt himself from meals, meetings, events, outings, ...

And there, the problems of isolation and loneliness begin, ... 😕

Me when i walked into the kitchen and my dad was eating - misophonia problem -min

Flight: an easy solution for misophonia

😰 What's worse than arriving in the kitchen and seeing your parent / partner / child eating loudly? 😰

👉 This is exactly what we should avoid!

We often hear this expression coming from combat sports:
 "The best attack is defense. »🤔

Having boxed myself for a few years, I quickly had the opportunity to understand that defending oneself for being hit was really not the best option.

The parallel with misophonia is that putting ear plugs to suffer less is not the best option.

However, you have two choices:

  1. ✅ Dodging: it's the easiest option, but like in boxing it's very exhausting and not always possible.
  2. ✅ Training better: this is the most difficult option, but by training better, you always end up defeating your opponent, and the same goes for misophonia!


Patience and practice: the keys to improving your daily life!

What do you think ?

When I can't concentrate because of typing noise as a misophone-min

A misophonia that cannot concentrate because of the keyboard noises, ...

I bet it happened to you too? !! 😤😤

You have probably already experienced this situation when you want to work calmly, read a book or study for school,… 🤓 👉


You are in the library or in the university amphitheater, surrounded by ten people very satisfied with their last purchase, a brand new Dell XPS or a sparkling Apple Macbook! 🙃


All these big fans of technology forget that the silent keyboards are not yet integrated into these beautiful machines AND IT MAKES ME BLOODILY BLOOD! 😤👎👎

👇✍️ Tell me in a comment how you handle this kind of situation:

  • A) You change place
  • B) You put ear plugs
  • C) You listen to music
  • D) You are listening to white noises
  • E) You attack people with noisy keyboards (I hope I won't see an "E" haha 😁)
  • ?) Other
Me when i found out that my extreme sensitivity to certain sounds is called misophonia -min

I discovered that my extreme sensitivity to certain sounds is called misophonia

👉 Knowing your "problem" helps to solve it! 👈

I like the definition of "problem" by the French dictionary "Larousse" which says "Question to be resolved by scientific reasoning and constituting an exercise". 🤔

Because yes, misophonia is not easy on a daily basis but: ✅ You do not have to undergo it all your life.

  • ✅ You can be happy.
  • ✅ You can control it.
  • ✅ You can manage your emotional and physical responses to any trigger sounds you have.

So do not see your misophonia as a PROBLEM that will stick to your skin all your life and that will guide your choices (family, social, professional, ...) BUT see it as a STEP, an EXERCISE of your life to solve and solve for get stronger, have better control of yourself, both body and mind.

Life is wonderful, don't let misophonia spoil it. 👍

💬 Share your opinion in a comment 👇✍️

Me resigning at work because of my misophonia-min

Resign because of misophonia?

😕👎 It is sad and it may surprise you but it is a story that I have been told many times!

Often, these are people working in large companies with open offices, crowded into large rooms with dozens or even hundreds of colleagues:

  • 👉 who coughs,
  • 👉 who drinks,
  • 👉 who eats,
  • 👉 who whispers,
  • 👉 who sneezes,
  • 👉 who slaps their fingers against the tables,


In short, everything that hurts us, daily, 8 hours a day, by dozens of people at the same time. 😢

Imagine the horror, ... 😤😰 I understand why some people quit their jobs! 🤔 👇✍️

Tell me in the comments if you have ever thought about changing your work because of your misophonia! Your story interests me so don't hesitate to share it 👇✍️

PS: My guide "Relax Misophonia" is available via the link in my bio! ✅👍
PPS: Courage to all of you during this difficult period! I hope telecommuting relieves you.

When you've been around your spouse too long during quarantine -min

Misophones during quarantine

😕 I know that for many of you, this quarantine is hard to live (and of course, it is hard for everyone).

Were you used to being with your loved ones for such a long time at home? 👇✍️

Or maybe you have been alone since this quarantine? 👍💬

Have you discovered that you are more efficient with telecommuting, without the tons of trigger sounds that your colleagues make throughout the day? 🤔👍

Tell me in the comments what has changed for you!

✅ If you are interested, you can download for free my guide "RELAX MISOPHONIA" via the link in my bio ( 👍 ✅

Also, I am available to chat in a private message for those who need help or to discuss their troubles! ✍️😁

What i feel with misophonia -min

Misophonia changes our Sensations

Do you know the proverb "Beware of sleeping water"?

(It is known in French, maybe not in English) 🧐👍 Today, it is exactly this phenomenon that I will tell you about. 👇 😢 You know, when you pretend everything's fine. 😢

Maybe your loved ones find you calm, maybe even ... too calm. 🤔
In fact, you are in the midst of misophonic crises. 😰 😤 You try, as best you can, not to explode. 😤

But unfortunately, you know it as well as me, it is only adding delay to a bomb already set in motion. 😕 💬💬 

Tell me in the comments what are your techniques to hide your reactions? How do you manage not to explode when you REALLY cannot express yourself? At work for example? At school ? 💬💬 I will be delighted to know how you do! 👇✍️ ✅ If you are interested, you can download my guide “RELAX MISOPHONIE” for free via the link in my bio ( 👍

I wish I could cope up with my misophonia-min

"I wish I could control my misophonia" It's possible, so what are you waiting?

No it's not a mistake! 🧐👍
I told you about it a few days ago but I repeat it to you: 🤩🥳


I'm not talking about an "ON / OFF" button to stop your misophonia. 😕

It is not so simple.

It's about learning what misophonia is (in detail) and practicing daily exercises (at the beginning). 👍 🥳 

Your body and brain are flexible. 🥳 ✅ 

You don't have to endure your misophonia all your #life. ✅

However, it is your choice, and only you can decide the "right" choice for yourself. 🤔 

If you are interested, you can download my free guide "RELAX MISOPHONIE" via the link in my bio ( 👍 Also, I remain at your disposal to discuss in a private message for those who need help or to discuss their troubles! ✍️😁

Hi I have misophonia

Hey i have misophonia

Have you ever tried? 🤔
So of course, I'm exaggerating on the photo 🤪!

But my specific question is, have you ever tried to explain your misophonia to your loved ones? to your friends? to new friends? 🧐 💬🤓

What does he think? 💬🤓 👉 Did you manage to make yourself understood?

Did they find it, ...

– Cool 👍
- Strange 👎
- weird 👎
- funny 🙃 ✅👇✍️ Tell me in the comments, I'll be interested to hear your opinion on this! 👇✍️ For misophones who read me, don't forget that you can download my guide "RELAX MISOPHONIE" for free via the link in my bio ( 👍

Also, I am available to chat in a private message for those who need help or to discuss their troubles! ✍️😁

One wish during this quarantine and that is to stop my misophonia-min

A misophone who dreams remains a misophone, So take action!

We need to talk ! 🧐 🤝 No, but really. 🤝

You think the problems go away by "hoping". 👎 Or maybe they disappear by "wishing". 🤔

In this case, I will need you to respond to everyone's wishes, to share your superpower! 🤪 👉 More seriously, don't expect different results without acting differently. 🙃

I know that misophonia is not evident in daily 😕. I myself is a misophone. 🙂 🤓👍

However, I learned to control my #trouble and now I am ME and much more #happy than before! 🤓👍 ✅✅✅ 😁

And you can do the same! 😁 ✅✅✅

I have discovered yet little known therapy techniques that have incredible results for misophones, and these techniques, I want to share them with you! ✅ 👉 If you would like to receive more information, simply subscribe via the link in my bio! (You will receive my free pdf "RELAX MISOPHONIE" completely free) or comment on this article and I will send you a private message! 👇✍️

When you tell someone that you have misophonia and that they understand you!

🤪🤩 Tears of joy. 🤪🤩
👉😁 This is what it feels like when we are understood and supported by our loved ones.

And honestly, it feels good! 👍

And when it is known, it is often despised, reduced, ignored and misunderstood.

Why ? 🤔🤔 No but really, you don't find it “funny” and “hard to believe”, seriously? 🤪

Imagine, millions of people on earth who, like me before, are almost ready to fight someone for the sound of saliva. 😢😰 

Worse, ... Ready to isolate themselves, to fall into extreme solitude and a phobia of crowds because of the sounds of mouth and chewing. 😢😰
We misophones must admit that it is difficult to understand, especially if we do not know how to explain it correctly to these people! 🙃 👇✍️ What do you think? Give me your opinion in comment! 👇✍️

When a Misophone hears someone chewing = Anger and pain

If you feel # anger, # pain, feeling like you are leaving the room or fighting with the person causing the noise, you could be #MISOPHONE.

✅ Hey, calm down, relax! ✅ It's not a "big deal" to be a misophone.

It’s a disorder, but there are many others and it doesn’t stop you from being #happy and able to thrive in life. 🤓 (👉 even if for some misophones, it is not as simple as what I say, ... and courage for them! 😕) ✅✅

If you want to know more about misophonia and this disorder defined by unexpected reactions to specific sounds (4S: selective sound sensitivity syndrome), subscribe to my Instagram page! 🙂 

✅✅ There is also a link in my bio to download my pdf “RELAX MISOPHONIE” for free, an essential resource for misophones who wish to learn to master their misophonia to improve their daily lives! Are you one of them? 🤔👍 👇✍️ Tell me in the comments if you can eat with your friends without a problem: 👇✍️

When a Misophone offers to go to the cinema, ...

😕 #History! 😕
Did you experience this too? 😰😰 Tell me your story in comment 👇✍️
Here's mine:

🧐👍 It was really terrible when my #misophonia prevented me from blossoming for activities as simple as ... going to the movies with my girlfriend.

And at the same time, it's so common for her to have popcorn during the movies. The worst part is that even I want to! 🤔 (hey, what are you thinking? Everyone loves popcorn haha!) 😢😢 However, the popcorn noise was really #PIN for me. 

😢😢 I just wanted to get out of the cinema and leave all my stuff in my seat. 😤 

Fortunately, with time and practice, I have been able to learn to control my misophonia and that helps me a lot on a daily basis. ✅ It’s a relief for me, but also for my loved ones.

Because I must admit that my relationships had become very complicated because of my misophonia, but that, I will tell you about it in a next post! 🤔

Can I Cope Up With My Misophonia Benfeel-min

Can I control my misophonia?

YES ! ✅✅

Yes you can control your misophonia! 👍 So obviously, you really have to want it.

Do you really want it?
Because it’s not easy. 😕
It’s not fast. 🤔
It takes learning. 💬
It takes practice. 👍

But for those who really want it, it's possible! 🤝

If you want to know more, you can download a free guide via this link:
(link available in the bio)

Once downloaded, you will receive an email with additional information to find out how to control your misophonia and improve your daily life!

What Are the sounds that trigger your misophonia Benfeel-min

What are the sounds that trigger your misophonia?

✅ I talk about it in an article on my blog 👇 "... over time, some sounds can be added to the list of trigger sounds and, luckily, some sounds can also be removed from the list of #sons of trigger! ... "🤔

✅ Today I wanted to talk to you about #SOLUTIONS. 👍

There are a few solutions that have appeared and with which we get really surprising results!

My first advice is to make a list of your triggers and to note from 1 to 10 the pain of each person (10 most painful). And the exercise consists in updating this list as many times as you want, every day, every week, every month, ... To see your progress.

You will see, it is quite surprising!

How can I know if I have Misophonia Benfeel-min

How do I know if I have misophonia?

Many of you ask me this question:
How do I know if I have #misophonia? 🧐

And my answer is always the same:
Take a test! 🤓 🤝

So obviously this is not medical advice and it is not a diagnosis similar to that of # medicine.

🤝 ✅ However, a test (even online) will allow you to reflect your feelings.

👍 🧐🧐 Why? 🧐🧐

Because you are going to have questions that suggest you to immerse yourself in a situation and assess it. The results will therefore reflect what you feel, what you experience on a daily basis and which you may have hidden from your loved ones for fear of appearing different or strange,…

👍 💬💬💬
Tell me in the comments if you've ever done this type of test online or if you've had a doctor / #psychologist / # therapist:

misophonia problem with mouth open and chews-min

When someone don't take my misophonia disorder seriously, ...

🥵 I hate it when it happens to me!

Recently I was eating with a friend and he kept making chewing noises! 😓

I took it on myself first and then after a few minutes I told myself that I was going to gently remind him that it hurts me, that I am starting to no longer be able to contain my negative reaction. 😰

And there he laughs. 😟

Yes, he laughs. 😫

He forgets that my disorder is serious. ☹️ He thinks I'm kidding, teasing him.

He smacks me on the shoulder and starts eating more noisily, making jokes.
What a disaster. 🥵🥵 I wanted to sew her lips together. 🙄

Have you ever had this kind of reaction? 🤔
How did you react ? 🤔

Comment on your stories below! 👇👇✍️✍️👇👇

Misophonia awareness when you forget your headphones at home-min

When a misophone forgets his headphones at home!

😅😅 Well, it has already happened to us all!

We leave our house quietly, everything is going well and there, we have to go by public transport and we say to ourselves: "I'm going to listen to some music, it will be much more pleasant." 😎

But in fact, no. 😲😮
Unfortunately you forgot your headphones at home! 😱😓

And now it's drama! 🥵

What is your "plan B" solution in this kind of situation? 🙄

What have you ever used to block out sounds or get out of an awkward situation when you didn't have your headphones on? ✍️ Share your stories in the comments! 👇👇

When you have to go to work but you already know that your collegues make a lot of trigger sounds misophonia-min

When your colleges make trigger sounds

Have you ever felt that? 🤔

Whether you are a student or a worker, you may have already experienced this situation one morning. 😞

A feeling of "too much". 😕 

A feeling that frustrates you, that makes you feel like this day is going to be difficult, when it has barely started. 😫

Deep down, you just want to stay at home, not to be surrounded by all these people, ... But you have no choice. 🙁

And you don't know what to do.

So cheer up and keep your good mood and be positive! 😁👍 Remember that the mind has a big role to play, whether it be for misophonia or any disorder or disease that you may encounter during your life! 🤓👍 So if you can get the upper hand over your emotions and reactions, imagine how your daily life could be improved!
Do not lose hope! 😎

Share me in the comments if you have already felt this one morning! 👇👇✍️✍️

Misophonia Awareness - Unnecessary noise prohibited-min

Awareness: Unnecessary noise prohibited

It would be cool to have stickers like that! 🤔
I would probably stick it everywhere haha! 😂😅

But remember, it is first and foremost a work on yourself! 👍🤓

#Misophonia is your problem, between you and the triggers. 🤔

Make no mistake about enemies, avoid #insulation and #solitude at all costs, ... 😊

You have to be surrounded, you need support. So do your best to stay in touch and keep a good mood with the people you love. 👍😄 Loneliness only brings other problems, ...
# Depression, #stress, # anxiety, nothing good, especially when you already suffer from misophonia! 🤔

So let's fight misophonia and be stronger than that! 👍

Tell me in the comments what you do to avoid loneliness:

Guess what's more painful than hearing you eat - nothing misophonia problem-min

hearing to eat is so painful for those with misophonia

What is your reaction when someone starts eating an apple? 🤔😐

(Tell me in the comments, I'll be happy to hear how you handle this situation and it might help other misophones!) 👍 

It’s not the easiest! 🤨

For me, just the image gives me frizz (and sorry if it gives you the same effect, ...). 😞

See you soon ! 👍

Misophonia When sounds are the enemies-min

Misophonia: when sounds are enemies!

😮👇👇 Hey, never forget that: Our enemies are sounds and NOT people! 😎👍

I know it's not easy when you are #misophone to integrate, go out with friends, have good friends or family relationships because of our (more or less) numerous trigger and our (more or less) strong reaction to the triggers,… 🤔

Above all, don’t give up and mix everything up! 🤓

Sounds hurt you, but not people (at least, they don't do it on purpose), so keep loving them and don't get mad at them,… 😁👍 Tag your friends and loved ones, even if you get angry sometimes with them,… 👇✍️ Share your story in the comments of the person you love most but who unfortunately makes a lot of triggers when you are with! 👇✍️

You're not alone to have misophonia-min

You are not the only one with misophonia, courage

At first it was not easy.

I was always embarrassed, shy, I was afraid of the look of people, what my loved ones would think, the reaction of my girlfriend, ... 😕

And over time, I realized something that shook me. 🧐 

Something that has changed my life and the way I see others.

Here's what I did:

Does this surprise you?

It doesn't matter, but what's important is that you realize it! 😉

Because yes you have misophonia and you are afraid to speak about it to this person whom you like, but this person undoubtedly has a problem of which it dares not speak to you. 😕

And you're both uncomfortable. 🤔
You both hope the same thing:
Be confident enough to discuss it with others and find solutions to be happier and improve your daily life. 🤔

I let you meditate on it,… 🤓

Let me know in the comments if you ever thought of that! 👇👇👇✍️✍️✍️

Noise can be a nightmare with misophonia-min

Noise can be a nightmare with misophonia

I still remember when I was in medical university in an overcrowded amphitheater, over 800 students on top of each other. 😱😱

Drinking, eating, sniffing, sneezing, blowing, tapping your finger on the bench, playing with their pens, shaking your legs, ... It was really a torture room for me, ... 😨

Anyway, I stopped this university and I trained online on what I was passionate about, and which still fascinates me! 🤓🤓  

This has not stopped me from working in the health field and helping hundreds of thousands of people by working directly with thousands of doctors and therapists in alternative medicine, hand in hand. 😁

So if you have a dream, a goal, a vision and you want to achieve it, go ahead and don't think about your misophonia! Solutions exist, we always have a choice, everything is possible. 😎

Tell me in a comment what is your dream and why misophonia makes it difficult? BUT especially how you are going to do it anyway! ✍️👇

I have misophonia and intense physical and emotional response -min

My misophonia gives me intense emotional and physical responses

Have you already spoken about it to those around you? 😏

If yes, did they understand your problem? 😀

Did you manage to explain to them that it was not only "intolerance" or a sound that "bothered you", but pain, certain things that were beyond you, something that you felt deep inside of you. 🤔

Physical and emotional pain. 😕

Not just a “disturbance”, not just a noise “that bothers you”,… 🤨

You're hurt. 😢

So, if it is not yet clear to those around you, it may be time to share this image with them, ... 🤔👍 Take the time to make yourself understood. 🧐
It’s important to you, but it’s also important to others! 👍

Maybe even as important for one as for the other. 🤔

Anyway, talk about it now, find no excuse,… 👍👍 Be careful, misophonia is part of you, but it's not you, so don't make it your only topic of discussion or your apology for all your problems.

Tag your loved ones in the comments! 👇✍️

Misophonia Problem Benfeel Friend Or Isolate-min

Friendship or Isolation: A hard choice when you have misophonia!

Always a difficult choice, ... 😢

I hope your friends understand your misophonie and that you manage to manage your reactions to make the most of and spend time with your close friends!

(and above all, WITHOUT suffering from your disorder!) 🧐

Tell me in the comments if you are more like: 🧐
1) Spend time with your friends and suffer 😕
2) Isolate yourself to avoid triggering noises 😕

Noise sounds Trigger Misophonia and problem of misophone-min

Misophonia, a disorder still not understood, ...

It is not always easy when you are misophone and want someone to stop a noise that we cannot manage. 😔

😔 Asking someone to stop eating popcorn at the movies is not easy.

😔 Asking someone to stop eating at the dinner table is not easy.

😔 Asking someone to stop making noise by writing on their computer keyboard is not easy.

😔 Asking someone in the metro to stop moving their legs to the beat of the music is not easy.

In short, we cannot control the lives of others.😉

We cannot impose our problems on others and it is up to us to be strong and take control of ourselves. 😉

Fortunately, more and more solutions are found and studies show real improvements on misophonia and its daily management! 👍

Courage to all!

What was your worst situation? ✍️👇👇
Share your stories in the comments! ✍️👇👇

hate the sounds they make misophonia and awareness-min

My misophonia makes me hate sounds, not people!

The misophonia is characterized by an incoherent, abnormal and inappropriate response to an innocuous everyday situation.

🧐According to some studies, the symptoms of misophonia are:

  • irritation that turns into anger, 😤
  • verbal aggression (and physical aggressiveness in extreme cases) towards people or objects at the source of the noise, 🤬
  • isolation and form of agoraphobia to avoid risky situations, 😔
  • loss of social ties (fewer friends, family problems, etc.), 😢
  • feeling of rejection by society, of being misunderstood.

So NO, misophones do not hate people, ... We just suffer our disorder. 👍👍
We have already made you think "You're unsociable! "Or" Why don't you come and eat with us? »,…

How do you explain your misophonia at that time?

Tell me everything in the comments below 👇👇✍️✍️

Do you have strong response misophonia-min

Do you have strong responses to certain sounds? You may have misophonia!

You may not yet be sure that you may have misophonia. 🧐

And in this case, you have probably already tried to take a test to be sure! 👍

Let me know in the comments which tests you found and which ones you tested! 😁👍 let's go ✍️👇👇

suffer from misophonia-min

While you snore: I suffer from my misophonia

Have you ever experienced this situation? 😡

You are in your bed. 👍
Your partner is with you. 👍
And he suddenly starts snoring! 😡
You know falling asleep is going to be very, very very complicated. 😅

Let me know in the comments if you've ever had this problem! ✍️👇

misophonia hurt-min

Misophonia and its pains are real

If you also suffer from misophonia, like and comment on this post! ✍️👇

You can also identify your misophone friends and those to whom you want to make discover this disorder! ✍️👇

Because it is very important to be supported and to have an understanding entourage, do not hesitate to speak about it to your close relations.

Don’t give up, misophonia can be controlled and we can quite manage to have a "normal" daily life.

Can't stand the sound of people eating you might have misophonia-min

You can't stand the sounds of people eating? you may be have misophonia!

What a relief the day I learned I had misophonia! 😁👍

It may sound strange but it changed my life. It also changed my relationships.

And in fact, it’s pretty logical. 🤓🧐

When I was not aware that I was misophone, I had negative thoughts about myself (and my loved ones too, ...). 😡
Sometimes I think I was going crazy.

Sometimes I thought I was unsociable or not sympathetic. I thought I was just a bad person. 😡

And unfortunately, my relatives thought the same thing. 😒 Because nothing explains my extreme behaviors for noises and situations that seem so basic to them.😒

The day I learned about misophonia, I was able to start explaining it to my friends and family. I could understand myself and then the others could understand me.

Tell me in the comments when did you discover the word "misophonia"! 👇👇👇✍️✍️✍️

What to do when certain sounds drive you mad Find out more how to cope up with misophonia-min

Find out how to deal with misophonia:

Sometimes your misophonia is beyond you? 😒
Are you totally losing control? 😒
Does anger fill your body? 😡

Please note that I am preparing a free training course which will give you lots of advice on how to manage and take control of your #misophonia! 😁👍

(you will even have access to exclusive practical exercises!)

I hope to help a maximum of misophone with this gift. 🤩🥳 Personalized support will also soon be available with online training and coaching sessions by video conference. 😉

For several months, we have been collecting all the information available on misophonia, in English and French, from all over the world! 🤓🧐

Let me know in the comments if you want to be notified when our free training is released! 👇

Does your blood boil when you hear someone sight sniff or snore you may suffer from misophonia-min

If hearing sniffles makes your blood boil, you could be misophone!

Sigh, sniff, snore, ... 🥵 Just these words can be scary when you have misophonia! 🥵

But be aware that misophonia evolves over time. 🤓👍 Your current triggers may disappear over time,…
And unfortunately, they can also get worse or even change. 😏

By the way, have you already created a list of your triggers? 🧐

I find that important. It allows me to analyze, to see where I am. 🙂

Compare my evolution, see what has changed and perhaps find out why it has changed. 😎

I tend to make a list of all the triggers I have in mind.

Then, I take this list again and I give a score between 1 and 10 to each of the triggers depending on their severity and the pain experienced (10 being the most painful).

Believe me, it's a real pleasure to review this list later as we progress and realize that some of our old triggers don't affect us all, or at least just a little! 😎😎

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you will make your list too! 😁👇👇✍️✍️

selective sound sensitivity syndrome misophonia awareness-min

Selective sound sensitivity syndrome: Sensitization to misophonia

Personally, I am not a fan of the common definition of misophonia. 😏

The one that explains that misophones or misophonia literally means, "hatred of sound". 👎👎

For me, it is rather a disorder, which can actually make us very unpleasant (anger, hatred, anxiety, rage, disgust mais) but this is only triggered by specific sounds.

The intensity of the sounds can be high or low, it doesn't matter. 🧐

BUT ABOVE ALL, we don't hate sounds in general! 😉👍
Myself for example, I am a big fan of music, instrument and many sounds of nature! 😁😁

So let's keep the definition of 4S instead:
Misophonia, a severe aversion to certain sounds, or selective sound sensitivity syndrome (4S). 🤓🤓

And you, what is your definition of your disorder? 🤔
How would you describe it to a novice? 🤔
And how would you describe it to a therapist? 🤔 Comment below! ✍️👇👇👇

I have neurological disorder called misophonia-min

I have a neurological disorder called "misophonia"

One of the simple principles to apply as a #misophone is to understand the people you live with. 🧐

Often when you have #misophonie, you feel misunderstood, alone, rejected… 😔

In fact, we tend to talk about us. 😏

Talk about what is bothering us.

Tell the person that their noises are too loud, disturbing, painful, abnormal, when we often forget that this person simply lives in their own way, with the noises that go with it. 🤔

What if you tried to be more selfless? More understandable ? More sensitive to others, not to you? 🤔

Instead of saying "Can you stop your horrible swallowing noises" say "I have a neurological disorder that starts when people swallow, I would appreciate if you could do your best when you drink. »👍

In this way, the person you are talking to will feel engaged in helpful help in fighting a real problem. 😎

What do you think ? 🤔
How do you introduce your disorder when you want to ask someone for calm? ✍️
Dites moi tout dans les commentaires ! 👇👇👇👇

Please considerate Misophonia -min

Thank you for considering misophonic disorder!

We all knew this friend who couldn't shut his mouth when he eats, right? (unbearable when you have #misophonia) 😅

Now is a good time to remind everyone that when you eat, others don't necessarily need to hear or see it! 😋

You wouldn't want to be seen or heard in the bathroom I guess, so do the same when you eat! 🤣

You will please your loved ones and especially all that have misophonia who suffer when you eat in a spectacular way! 😁

Do you know this friend? Comment and tag it below!

I am not emotionally equipped to deal with the sound of a person chewing loudly because of my misophonia

I can't stand with the sounds of a person who eats because of my misophonia

How do you feel when you hear the mouth sounds? 🤔
Which one bothers you the most? When someone swallows their saliva? 😣

When someone eat? 🥵
When someone chews gum? 😤
When someone whistle? 🤮 How would you rank them? 🙄

Have any of you ever had crazy stories during a meal with friends, families or colleagues?
Tell me in the comments!

Misophonia is very real and painful

Misophonia is real and very painful

"But why are you making up problems for yourself?" 🤔
"Why are you always pissed off for nothing?" 🤔
"Come on stop, this is nonsense, you have nothing, ..." 🤔

This is the kind of comment I can't stand anymore. 😤

But unfortunately, we cannot avoid them. 😓

Little is known about misophonia, that's a fact. 😑

Have you ever tried to explain to someone what misophonia is and what you feel like as a misophone?

Personally, I have tried many times ...
It’s rarely a big hit. 😆

Fortunately, we are in 2020.👍
Thanks to social networks we can change things. We can promote misophonia.
We can fight against ignorance.
We can fight the minimization of our problem.

If you want to be part of this mission,
It's very simple! 👇👇 Comment this post by tagging your friends and family to share this message with them:

what is misophonia

What is misophonia?

🤓Here is what Wikipedia gives us: Misophonia, literally "hate of sound", is a neuropsychic disorder rarely diagnosed but common, characterized by strong unpleasant mental states (anger, hatred, anxiety, rage, disgust) triggered by specific sounds.

But how do you, as a misophone, define misophonia? 🧐 ➡️ A handicap? 🤔

  • ➡️ Trouble? 🤔
  • ➡️ A OCD? 🤔
  • ➡️ An illness? 🤔
  • ➡️ A weak point?

Everyone has their own definition,
it's like a pain scale,
it is not defined for others. 👍

Everyone sees it from their own angle,
from his own experience.
And it can even change over the course of life,
progression and learning of misophonia by the person. 👍

What is your vision of misophonia? 🤔

Answer me in the comments! ✏️👇

I am not trying to be rude I have misophonia

I'm not trying to be rude: I have misophonia

Being misunderstood hurts 😓.

The other day at the store I was waiting for my turn at the checkout when a person came last me to wait in turn. Until then, nothing abnormal, ... Suddenly, a brilliant idea comes to him, ... "I will chew a chewing gum well 😁👍" It was at this moment that I understood that the wait will become long, very long and above all… unbearable. 🤨

However, I did try to make this person understand that it bothered me by non-verbal communication, by breathing, looking at him, etc. But nothing to do, he is his chewing gum were determined to continue! 😐

I started to feel my body boiling, I could not hold myself back and I had to say to him 'There is a way to stop with your chewing gum, it is extremely disturbing!' Of course I could not enter the explanation of Misophonia, explain to him that we, misophones, really suffer from this kind of noise, because he would probably not have understood me, or even worse, not believed,… 😔

Excuse us if sometimes we seem to be rude, far from it, we suffer but we cannot explain it to you, ... 😐

Has this ever happened to you? 🙄

Also share your worst stories from the store in the comments! 👍

When you hear someone breathing but you can't just go and ask them to stop benfeel

Misophonia problem: When someone breathes loudly

Honestly, we have all experienced this, haven't we? 😑 misophonia

Sometimes it's annoying. 🤔
Sometimes I feel like I'm going to crack. 😢
Sometimes I have dangerous ideas. 😠 🚫🚫 Then I come to my senses. 🚫🚫 This person does not know that it makes me suffer.
She doesn't know misophonia.
And I can't blame her.

So let's stay calm, continue our way and above all, relax! 😉

Have you ever lost control because of someone breathing too hard or too close to your ears? 😕

Share your story in the comments! ✏️👇

Misophonia a condition that get me easily annoyed and angry for little things

Misophonia, a condition that easily annoys me and makes me angry, ...

By doing some research on Google, the term Misophonia appeared quickly. 🧐

It is a relatively recent designation. ⏳

A few years ago, an in-depth research made it possible to discover and put a name on Misophonia.

A term that literally means hatred of sound which misophones suffer at more or less loud levels.

I find this term very misleading and inappropriate because hating a sound does not create the same reaction as being affected and disturbed by a sound. 😑

Some still think it is an invented disease, ...
Others say that it is a mental health problem,… Unfortunately, this misunderstanding leads to drifts and some misophones can undergo delicate situations (insults, arguments, argument,…) when people do not understand not why some sounds make them "crazy". 😞

You too should not hesitate to comment on your worst story that your misophonia caused you!

PS: Let me reassure you, in my opinion, Misophonia is a real problem to which the solutions must continue to improve!

So you are NOT crazy! 😉

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La misophonia literally "hate of sound", is a neuropsychic disorder rarely diagnosed but common, characterized by very unpleasant psychic states (anger, hatred, anxiety, rage, disgust) triggered by specific sounds.

Not sure yet of being #Misophone?

Say STOP to your #Misophonia ?

Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia
Benfeel Sound Bars Misophonie Misophonia