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Coach Expert in Misophonia





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I open the ball, here is my presentation:

Good morning all ! 😄
👉 I have been a misophone since my childhood.
👉 I discovered the name “Misophonia” about 5 years ago.
👉 At the moment, my misophonia is no longer a major problem in my life but that was not the case a few years ago, ...

I lived very isolated for years and I closed in on myself until I discovered that I was not “unpleasant”, “crazy” or “unsociable” but that I had a little trouble known, “Misophonia”. 😕

This discovery motivated me! ✅

Because of this motivation, I used to document myself, read and learn all the information available on the subject to discover how this disorder works and how I can control it to improve my daily life! 🧐👍

However, a few years ago, the content and resources on the subject in French were really scarce,…

So I went through practice and after having tested dozens of methods (alternative therapies, meditations, retreats, well-being,…), my daily life was still just as difficult,… 😢

Certainly, many of the methods worked on the short term, but after 2 weeks maximum, my misophonia was again present and preventing me from living and flourishing on a daily basis. 😰

So it was after a lot of thought that I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go abroad and travel to shake up my body and my mind. 🤔

👉 It was the perfect opportunity to meet other cultures, other therapies and above all: to learn English so that I could finally deepen my research, without limits! 🤓

Since then, I have read thousands of scientific articles as well as study publications, books, blog articles, videos, essays, analyzes, surveys and all for one purpose, to enrich myself on the subject of misophonia and better understand the human body and find a solution to finally control my misophonia and improve my daily life.

Now my life mission has evolved. ✅

👉 I realized that I was not the only one suffer from misophonia!

So I decided to devote myself fully to research, creation, implementation and solution sharing so that other misophones can also say STOP to their misophonia and improve their daily lives, as I have been doing for several years now. 👍

Looking forward to chatting with you,
Ben ! 😁