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"Wow!! That was really helpful!
I thought I was the only one with the background TV noise triggers. I really appreciate your work in helping this!! It’s set up very well, easy to read. And very easy to understand. I love how you included music and positive ways to cope! I’ve always felt music was a huge part in helping, so having music getting recognized and encouraged was really really cool! You’re doing wonderful, nothing needs to change. 👏👏😄"
"I just got the chance to read it and I really like it!
Je n'ai jamais considéré le bruit blanc mais je pense que cela pourrait être une bonne idée!
I never considered white noise but I think that might be a good idea! my parents are very open to ideas on how to help so I will try a white noise machine"
"Woah! So many ways to deal with misophonia!
I read it and I gotta say there’s so much good advice here!
I don’t have misophonia myself, but I have learned about it a lot through my friend that does. I’m showing it to her right now and she’s saying that there’s a lot of good stuff in here.
Thank you for showing me this!"
"It’s very good!
I have found all this information on my own time as I’ve been suffering for years but this would’ve been very appreciated when I had first found out that I had misophonia.
The lay out is very easy to read and everything is very relatable and kept my attention the entire time. It is very comforting.Great work! This is a good step to spreading awareness!"
"Very useful, lots of good suggestions.
I wish I could eat as the same time as my hubby but the first slurp makes my stomach sick"
"i think it is really helpful and well-written!
you did a great job :)"
"It lists a lot of relevant things.
Especially with the earphones thing"
"That was great. Smart to include ways to avoid triggers."
"I really like it!
I think you did an amazing job on it.
That’s nice.
I appreciate that you are doing this to help other people"
"Wow, c'est incroyable.
Comment avez-vous créé ça?
J'ai un livret OCD qui est en cours de lecture et j'aimerais le rendre aussi professionnel que ça.
Excellent travail"
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Testimonial 2 Chance to read it Benfeel Misophonia Guide PDF-min
Testimonial 6 So much good advice here Benfeel Misophonia Guide PDF-min
Testimonial 5 Great and Smart Benfeel Misophonia Guide PDF-min

Thank you for your testimony !

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Testimonial 9 Enjoy It Benfeel Misophonia Guide PDF-min

Each piece of advice is to be assessed according to the people and the context, we cannot guarantee the results. Consult your doctor first if necessary. The advice published and distributed by Benfeel comes from experiences and feedback from other misophones. They do not constitute medical advice.

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